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Bangladesh is always ready to face the challenges of the twentieth century. Bangladesh is one of the countries affected by global warming. In order to maintain the balance of the environment in the country, it is essential to have 25 percent forest land, but sadly, it has now been reduced to 6 to 8 percent. The only reason for this is deforestation. Especially in urban areas, houses are built by killing trees freely.

Prior to this, from 1947 to 1972, the regional forest department was under the forest ranger. Later it was under the Chief Forest Officer till 1971. When Bangladesh became independent in 1971, the protected and proposed forests came under the purview of the Bangladesh Forest Department. From 1981 to 1989, the Bangladesh Forest Department was under the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Forests and Environment of Bangladesh was established in 1989. At the same time, the Bangladesh Forest Department was brought under the technical branch of this ministry and the Environmental Protection Act was enacted.

The forest is getting lost day by day due to the increase of people’s unconsciousness and destructive activities. Some tree traders are cutting down trees indiscriminately in exchange for money. Again, a group of rich people are clearing forest lands and building industrial factories. Someone is cutting down trees and building houses. In addition, more forest trees are being destroyed to make tobacco. Due to indiscriminate deforestation, forests are now under threat and the country’s natural environment is under threat.

According to a report by Transparency International, the people of the forest department are responsible for the deforestation. The people of the forest department are selling forest trees freely for a small amount of money. It is mainly the forest department officials who are involved in deforestation. Besides, they have shown that 260,000 acres of forest land has now been occupied in Bangladesh.
Meanwhile, according to forest department sources, the amount of forest land in Bangladesh is now about 18 percent of the total land of the country. In the 60’s, the forest cover in Bangladesh was 24 percent. But later it came down to 19 percent. In the 80’s and 90’s it dropped further to 16 percent.

According to a report by the World Bank and DFID, the amount of forest land in Bangladesh is now about 6 percent of the total land area of ​​the country.
It is also seen in various surveys that the rate at which trees are being destroyed in the country but the trees are not being planted. And as a result the natural environment is being destroyed. Meanwhile, the population rate is increasing day by day in the country. Unplanned urbanization is increasing as a result of unplanned population growth. Numerous houses are being built by destroying trees and forests freely. Due to deforestation and increase in population, the natural environment is being destroyed and now it is becoming uninhabitable.

Tree rotation is very important for future generations. The way we are destroying trees will lead to an oxygen crisis for our future generations. According to an unofficial survey, the amount of forest land in the country has decreased by one third in the last five years. However, the Bangladesh government has said that the amount of forest land will be increased to 20 percent by 2020. Now just waiting for it to be implemented. This initiative of the government deserves a lot of praise from the people. So we should all plant trees one by one to help the government protect this country. 16 crore people 16 crore new trees. Whether it is on the roof of the house or on the balcony.

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To-let/Home Rent

When you hear the name of the toilet, it is as if you are getting caught in the chest. Because renting or renting a house is a very difficult task. This ad is made and
It is very difficult and troublesome to put it on the wall. For those who need a good home, it is difficult to find a home of their choice. Cholo xyz is one of the digital platforms in the country for finding or advertising a home.

We have to work hard for a good home. Because the other name of the house is shelter. A house is not just a house. A house is associated with a person’s fatigue, love, anger-pride, sorrow, happiness, joy-celebration. How many people’s love, affection, affection are attached to the wall of a house. A house is associated with the story of the first crawl of a small child, the sound of a teenager’s laughter, the joy of a mother, the story of a loved one’s hand in the small kitchen of a house.

A beautiful home is like a living love for people. Nibir has a close relationship with our home, just as a man has a close bond with his very own people. Home is an invaluable resource of human life, the best shelter. His home is the companion and witness of human happiness and sorrow at all times. He who has a home like his own mind, a beautiful house, as if he has another world, man finds a sky of his own in the middle of his small beautiful home. Who are all his dreams in the sky he flies.

Many of us have our own homes. And those who have their own home seem to have bought a piece of land. But those who do not have a home or who have left their hometown, their home and moved to another city. What will happen to them?

People who leave their hometown to fight for their livelihood, move to another city, who leave their mother’s land to live a better life, leave their home, leave all their memories behind. What will happen to them ?? They are also looking for a shelter at the end of the day where there will be a lot of light, a little, darkness and shade. They also want to end the day’s fatigue in their own house, they also want to come and stand on the veranda of the house if they are very upset, they also want to sit by the south window and read stories. They also want to plant a bellflower tree on the roof.

Will their demands be met ?? Is it possible to fulfill these desires even outside one’s own city, where one does not have one’s own home? Possible of course possible, everything is possible when you have Cholo xyz with you. There are many of us who live far away from our own city, most of the time it is seen that we do not have our own home in the city where we live. In such a situation we go to the relatives ‘house or hostel, but the relatives’ house can stay for a few more days, meanwhile we also fall into great worries about how to adapt ourselves to the rules of the hostel. Meanwhile, the house I will rent is also in a lot of trouble. It is very difficult to get a good house rent easily in this age, besides there is the matter of extra rent. At such times, thinking about all this, many of us change the path of our dreams and find a place to stay and learn to be satisfied with what we have found, do not accept. But this time there are no more worries.

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Buying and Selling

At present the spread of online websites is far away. In today’s world almost everything in the world can be done online.
We all know about e-commerce nowadays and we are all pretty much accustomed to buying and selling online. There are many of us who do all kinds of business online ourselves. For example, some people trade in clothes, saris, ornaments, some people make and sell wooden or book ornaments by hand online, many people also sell handmade home decor furniture online, and some people also sell their hand-painted pictures online. Someone or other foreign product comes and tries to sell them online, again many people do business of frozen food, various types of home made food online, again many people run a pastry shop online, especially one of the historical fruits of one place, sweets. Many people work online. In addition to this, we try to sell old home or office furniture such as study table, sofa set, bed, etc., things that have any other need online.

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