Today is Sunday
13 December 2020
26th Rabiul Sunny 1442 Hijri
২৮ ই অগ্রহায়ন ১৪২৭ বঙ্গাব্দ
Its Autumn now.

🍃December 13 is the 347th day of the year (348th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 18 more days left till the end of the year.

🌍On this day in 1577, Sir Francis Drake set out from Plymouth on a world tour.
🌍On this day in 1642, the Portuguese sailor Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand.
🌍On this day in 1930, Binoy Basu, an anti-British revolutionary, committed suicide by consuming potassium cyanate.
🌍On this day, the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971: On 13 December, the Allied forces reached Dhaka about 15 miles from the east and north. Two brigades of the 57th Division advanced from the east. From the north, General Gandharva Nagara Brigade and paramilitary forces named Tangail landed. In the west, Division No. 4 also crossed the Madhumati and reached the banks of the river Padma. At nine o’clock in the night Major General Nagra came to Tangail. Brigadier Clare and Brigadier Sun Singh had been stationed at Tangail since evening. At 9.30 pm at Tangail Wapda Rest House they sat down to discuss the next war plan. Nilphamari, Manikganj and Bogra districts were liberated by the Pak invaders.
🌍On this day in 1971, a meeting was held between US President Nixon and French President Pompeo.
🌍On this day in 1978, the third plenary session of the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of China ended in Beijing.
🌍On this day in 1981, Polish President Jerezhaleski imposed martial law on Poland.
🌍On this day, more than 2 thousand people were killed in the 1982 earthquake in North Hiemene.
🌍On this day in 1988, Angola, Cuba and South Africa signed the Treaty of Namibian Independence and Angola Peace in Brazzaville, Congo.
🌍On this day, ANC President Oliver Pambo returned to South Africa in 1990 after 30 years in exile in Zambia.

🌞On this day in 1987, Bangladeshi musician Nazmun Munira Nancy was born.

🌑On this day in 1930, Fritz Pragel, an Austrian chemist and physician of Slovenian descent who won the Nobel Prize, died.
🌑Victor Grignard, the French chemist who won the Nobel Prize in 1935, died on this day.

Cholo xyz is by your side, always & everyday! Have a nice time all day.

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