Today is Monday
14 December 2020
27th Rabiul Sunny 1442 Hijri
২৯ ই অগ্রহায়ন ১৪২৭ বঙ্গাব্দ
Its Autumn now.

🍃December 14 is the 347th day of the year (349th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 17 more days left till the end of the year.

🌍On this day, scientist Max Planck’s quantum theory was presented in 1901.
🌍On this day in 1903, the Wright brothers, the inventors of the aircraft, attempted to fly the first airplane in North Carolina.
🌍On this day in 1946, the International Labor Organization (ILO) was recognized as a subsidiary body of the United Nations.
🌍On this day in 1946, the UN General Assembly voted to establish a headquarters in New York.
🌍On this day, at the last stage of the war of liberation in 1971, the Pakistani aggressors and their local allies captured and brutally killed the intellectuals.
🌍On this day, when the final victory of the Great War of Liberation in 1971 is assured, the Pakistani invaders and their allies Razakar, Al Badr, Al Shams forces, the best children of the nation, the best academics, researchers, doctors, engineers, journalists, poets and writers are blindfolded in the dark of night. Took and brutally killed. In the war of liberation, Al-Badr forces killed innumerable intellectuals of Bangladesh. Among the dead and missing intellectuals are Professor. Govinda Chandra Dev, Professor. Munir Chowdhury, Professor. Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Professor. Anwar Pasha, Professor. Abul Khair, Professor. Jyotirmoy Guhathakurata, Professor. Sirajul Haque Khan, Professor. ANM Faizul Mahi, Humayun Kabir, Professor Rashidul Hasan, Sajidul Hasan, Fazlur Rahman Khan, NM Moniruzzaman, A Muktadir, Sharafat Ali, ARK Khadem, Anudvaipayan Bhattacharya, MA Sadeq, M Sadat Ali, Santosh Chandra Bhattacharya Ghiyasuddin Ahmed, Dr. M Mortuza, Dr. Habibur Rahman, Dr. Sukharanjan Samaddar, Mir Abdul Qayyum, Professor. Mohammad Fazle Rabbi, Professor. Alim Chowdhury, Professor. Shamsuddin Ahmed, Professor. Abdul Alim Chowdhury, Dr. Humayun Kabir, Dr. Azharul Haque, Dr. Solomon Khan, Dr. Ayesha Badera Chowdhury, Dr. Kosir Uddin Talukdar, Dr. Mansur Ali, Dr. Mohammad Mortaza, Dr. Mofizuddin Khan, Dr. Jahangir, Dr. Nurul Imam, Dr. SK Lala, Dr. Hemchandra Basak, Dr. Obaidul Haque, Dr. Asadul Haque, Dr. Mosabber Ahmed, Dr. Azharul Haque, Dr. Mohammad Shafi, Journalist Shahidullah Kaiser, Journalist Nizamuddin Ahmed, Journalist Selina Parveen, Journalist Sirajuddin Hossain, Journalist ANM Golam Mustafa, Journalist Khandaker Abu Taleb, Journalist Shahid Saber, Syed Nazmul Haque, Lyricist and Composer Altaf Mahmud, Politician Dhirendranath Dutta, Samajseb And Danbir Ranadaprasad Saha, educationist and Ayurvedic doctor Yogesh Chandra Ghosh, writer and filmmaker Zaheer Raihan, poet Meherunnesa, educationist and mathematician. Abul Kalam Azad, lawyer Nazmul Haque Sarkar, social worker and Ayurvedic doctor Nutan Chandra Singh.
🌍On this day in 1981, the Zionist Israeli parliament officially declared the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory.
🌍On this day in 1996, the President signed the bill to repeal the Indemnity Ordinance in Bangladesh.

🌞On this day in 1954, Maksudul Alam, a Bangladeshi geneticist, inventor of the papaya, rubber, jute and fungus genome was born.

🌑On this day in 1971, Bir Shrestha, the freedom fighter, Mohiuddin Jahangir was martyred
🌑Abdul Latif, a language soldier, died on this day in 1999
🌑On this day in 2018, Bangladeshi actors, writers and filmmakers
Amjad Hossain died.

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