Today is Monday
2nd November 2020
15 Rabiul Awal 1442 Hijri
১৭ কার্তিক ১৪২৭ বঙ্গাব্দ
Now its Autumn.

🍃November 2 is the 306th day of the year (307th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 59 days left until the end of the year.

🌍On this day in 1957, the Soviet Union launched a second satellite named Sputnik-2.
🌍Today is the first publication of the Morning Post in 1772.
🌍On this day in 1880, James Garfield was elected the 20th President of the United States.
🌍On this day in 1876, the Indian Reformers Association or Bharat Sanskar Sabha was established on the initiative of Keshab Chandra Sen.
🌍On this day in 1889, North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states in the United States, respectively.
🌍On this day in 1914, Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire.
🌍On this day in 1916, the then British Foreign Secretary James Arthur Belfort announced Britain’s agreement to establish a Jewish state in Palestine.
🌍On this day in 1920, the world’s first regular radio broadcast began in the United States.
🌍On this day in 1930, Haile Selassie became Ethiopian emperor.
🌍On this day in 1949, Indonesia gained independence. Earlier, the country had been a Dutch colony for three and a half centuries.
🌍On this day in 1963, King Saud of Saudi Arabia was removed and his half-brother Faisal became king.

🌞On this day in 682, Umar bin Abdul Aziz, the Caliph of Arabia, was born.
🌞On this day in 971, Mahmud Ghaznavi, the ruler of the Ghaznavid Empire, was born.
🌞On this day in 1795, the American lawyer, politician and the 11th president. Insects are born.
🌞The English mathematician and philosopher George Bull was born on this day in 1815.
🌞On this day in 1833, Indian physician and professor Mahendralal Sarkar was born.
🌞On this day in 1865, the 29th President of the United States Warren G. Harding was born.
🌞Australian cricketer Victor Trumper was born on this day in 1877.
🌞Dhirendranath Dutta, the first Bengali lawyer and politician, was born on this day in 1886 AD.
🌞On this day, Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan was born in 1965.

🌑On this day in 1950, Nobel laureate Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw died.
🌑On this day in 1963, Vietnam politician, 1st President NGO Dinh Diem
🌑Peter Joseph William Debbie, an American physicist and chemist of Dutch descent who won the Nobel Prize in 1966, has died on this day.
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