About Cholo.xyz

Our Mission

Let's be the best name for independent and corruption free service. The goal of the Cholo mission is to run for the country and ten in any situation. To walk together with everyone and through this walk to reach the service to all and to make the journey of daily life easier. We are committed to ensuring that people can receive services at their doorsteps through the Android app using technology. You will get all kinds of services in one app.

What We Do

We are providing the services you need through the first smartphone based app. Our services include Pharmacy, To-Late, Baby Products, Home Tutor, Grocery Products, Covid Security Products, Electronics Products, etc. and more services will be added so that our customers can get all the services from one place. We are dedicated to building the best robin unadulterated digital platform in the country.

Who Are We

"Let's go, let's go, let's hit the door at dawn, we'll bring Ranga Prabhat". We have come with the challenge of delivering the best service at your doorstep. Let service be at everyone's doorstep. We are a team, united, working hard and want to be more diligent in defending your interests. We are dedicated to ensuring that the people of the country can get the necessary services in relief in this Corona epidemic.

Our 6-D Process

The first six-step diagnosis, search,
Through structure and production, Cholo brings the process of guarantying services. 


The first step in implementation is discovery. It is essential to discover the product or service before implementing it.


The second step in discovery is to define. Introduce a product or service to a specific definition.


It is necessary to illustrate in an external structure immediately after the definition. Development is based on that figure.


Development activities are conducted from the image of external infrastructure. Development is imperfect in a continuous process.


As the trend of technology development continues, products or services are made accessible to the public.


The above five tactical steps are provided to our people after processing, so let's go (Cholo) together.

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Why Choose Us?

The products supplied by Cholo xyz are quality designs, which are a must for customers.

The next service to deliver the product is the real service, which ensures the move. Dedicated service staff seven days / 24 hours a week for our esteemed customers.

Cholo always perform tasks based on results. Which is a prerequisite for perfect results.

Let the metaphor of sincere service, the reward we receive in the field of support service is the burning proof of it.

ROI is the return on investment, which greatly reduces the likelihood of losses by calculating the profit on a particular investment in advance.

Directed by an experienced professional, it is the painter of quality production that follows. There is no substitute for an experienced professional in developing quality.