Basil leaves, seeds, bark and roots are all essential. This medicinal basil works to cure various diseases.

Medicines made with basil for lung weakness, cough, leprosy, shortness of breath, runny nose, skin disease, chest pain and asthma, measles, smallpox, worms, itching, low blood sugar, insect bites, earache, bronchitis, diarrhea and indigestion.
In addition, to avoid mosquito bites, you will not need to pull the mosquito net, spray the aerosol or light a coil with strong smoke. If there is basil in the house.

Let’s not know the benefits of basil leaves
1. To get rid of cold and cough, you can mix a little honey with basil leaves and ginger juice. It will be good for cold and cough.
2. Chewing basil leaves on an empty stomach in the morning will increase the taste in the mouth.
3. Eating basil leaf juice cures fever quickly.
4. Boil the basil leaves in hot water and gurgle in the water to kill the germs in the mouth and throat, remove mucus and also eliminate bad breath.
5. Basil tea relieves physical and mental fatigue and increases the supply of oxygen to the brain.
6. Basil is very useful in reducing headaches and body aches.
7. Soak a few basil leaves in water at night to get rid of eye problems. Wash your eyes with that water in the morning.
You can plant at least one basil tree in the veranda or flower pot of the house.

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