Top 5 Books for Designers

  • Must read books to increase knowledge about inspiration, ideas and design
  1. Logo Design Love: A book written by David Erie that will make you fall in love with logo design. Highly recommended for beginner level designers.
  2. Logo Modernism : This book is the best for logo design. If you love abstract and monogram logos then this book is for you, you can take a lot of inspiration from there.
  3. Logo Type : This book is definitely for those who like typography and wordmark logos. Perfect for mid and advanced level designers.
  4. Logo Creed : Bill Gardner is a well-known figure in the logo design sector. If you have an idea about Logo Lounge magazine, you should know it. Advanced level books, better to read with a little time.
  5. Logos : Making a strong marks 150 strategies logos that last: You must have understood the name of the book. You can read to know and understand the logo design strategies, a great book.

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