Bir Shrestha Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman

Bir Shrestha Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman (29 October 1941 – 20 August 1971) was a martyred freedom fighter of Bangladesh. He is one of the seven heroes who were awarded the highest military honor of Bangladesh “Bir Shrestha” in recognition of their extreme bravery and outstanding heroism in the great liberation war of Bangladesh. Today is the birth anniversary of the best child in the country.

Today, his life is discussed: –
In the last week of January 1971, Matiur Rahman and his family came to Dhaka on a two-month vacation. On the night of March 25, he was at Ramnagar village in Raipura, Narsingdi When the war broke out, he became a flight lieutenant in the Pakistan Air Force and opened a training camp in Bhairab with immense risk and courage. He continued to train the Bengali youths who came to fight He held a public meeting at Daulatkandi and went to Bhairab Bazaar with a huge procession. The freedom fighters formed the resistance force with weapons collected from different places. When the Pak army attacked Bhairab, the Bengal Regiment formed a resistance front with E, P, R. On April 14, 1971, the Pakistan Air Force bombed their base from an F-86 Saber jet. Matiur Rahman had feared this earlier So he changed bases and was spared casualties

He came to Dhaka on 23 April 1971 but returned to Karachi with his family on 9 May Returning to his workplace, the militants decided to seize the aircraft and join the war of liberation. He was then given the responsibility of the safety officer of the aircraft. He targeted 21-year-old Rashed Minhaj, a trainee pilot, on the day of his flight (August 20, 1971) to capture the aircraft. His plan was to take control of the aircraft from Minhaj Control Tower once he got permission. According to the plan, he came to the office and drove to the east side of the runway at the scheduled time Front two-seat training aircraft T-33. Pilot Rashed Minhaj was preparing for the second solo flight with the aircraft. After the control tower clearance, Minhaj took the plane to the runway and Matiur Rahman asked the safety officer to stop the plane. Minhaj stops the plane and opens the canopy (the transparent cover on top of the fighter jet’s seat) to find out why the plane stopped. At that time, Matiur Rahman boarded the cockpit of the plane and knocked Rashed Minhaj unconscious with chloroform. Before losing consciousness, Rashed Minhaj was able to inform the control room that the plane with him had been hijacked. Although the plane was hidden behind a small hill, no one could see it, but the control tower heard Minhaj’s message and four other fighter jets chased Motiur’s plane, realizing the plane’s position on the radar. Knowing that his death was imminent, Matiur Rahman flew the plane below the prescribed limit and tried to reach Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, by evading the radar.

As he was about to reach the Indian border, Rashed Minhaj regained consciousness and tried to take control of the plane. Rashed wanted Motiur Rahman’s plan to hijack the plane to succeed rather than destroy it. [3] The plane, which was flying at low altitudes, once crashed in the Thatta area, just 35 miles from the Indian border, along with Rashed. He was killed as he did not have a parachute with Matiur Rahman. His body was found about half a mile from the scene.

On August 20, 1971, Matiur Rahman and Rashed Minhaj died for their respective countries. The Government of Bangladesh conferred the title of Bir Shrestha on Matiur Rahman for his courageous role and the Government of Pakistan conferred an honorary title on Rashed Minhaj. Incidentally, it is rare for two people to be awarded the highest honorary title in their country for two opposite roles in the same event.

A docudrama called Agnibalaka was made with Matiur Rahman in 2002 where Riaz played the role of Matiur Rahman and Tarin played the role of his wife Mili. In addition, a film based on his existence was made in 2007.
Jessore Air Base of Bangladesh Air Force has been named after him. The Air Force has launched a trophy in his name. It is awarded to the best performer in aircraft training.

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