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gardenia jasminoides care indoors

The seasonal flower Gandharaja

Different names of Gandharaja flowers: Gandharaj,Goolchanda, Bunga Chaina,Gardenia etc. The importance of Gandharaja flowers: Gandharaja flowers are very important as pujo flowers. These flowers have special needs in different pujas. The wonderful smell of this flower fascinates people. Its origin is China. Naming of Gandharaja flower: The history of naming Gandharaja flowers is long. Scottish-born …

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orange jasmine propagation

Introduction and cultivation method of Kamini flower

Introduction to Kamini Flowers: • Flower name: Kamini, • Names: Orange Jessamine, Mock Orange, Mock Lime, Lakeview jasmine, etc. • Scientific name: Murraya paniculata • Family: Rutaceae • Class: Sapindales Importance of Kamini flowers: Kamini flowers are very important in enhancing beauty. These flowers are used in various occasions. Not only that. The extraordinary arrangement …

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benefits of ferns to humans

Some Important Advantages and Disadvantages of Ferns

Advantages and disadvantages for homeowners: Numerous legends and superstitions are associated with this tree. Plants have beneficial and harmful properties on a scientific basis. The name of the tree is fern. The benefits that a fern can bring to a home: Effectively absorbs toxins. For example, nephrolis purifies the air of formaldehyde and xylene; Thanks …

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tulsi leaves benefits


Basil leaves, seeds, bark and roots are all essential. This medicinal basil works to cure various diseases. Medicines made with basil for lung weakness, cough, leprosy, shortness of breath, runny nose, skin disease, chest pain and asthma, measles, smallpox, worms, itching, low blood sugar, insect bites, earache, bronchitis, diarrhea and indigestion. In addition, to avoid …