The Cause of Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes have three types of sensors in their body.
These are:

Chemical sensors-
Which helps them to detect carbon dioxide, sweat odor, etc. from 100 feet away. So you understand that those who sweat more, their mosquito bites a little more.
Visual sensor-
In the evening, if you go out in a mosquito prone area, if your hair is black, you will see mosquitoes swarming over your head. If you come out wearing a black or very dark colored shirt, you will notice that a swarm of mosquitoes surrounds you like a bee. Analyzing the above two facts, it can be easily inferred that mosquitoes may like black very much. So what is the reason for their apparent black love ??
Mosquitoes can easily find you if you wear clothes that are darker or blacker than your surroundings. Because of our black hair, mosquitoes can be seen on our heads in the evening.
Mosquitoes are attracted to any dark color, not just black. And the reason is very simple. According to physics, dark colored objects absorb heat very easily, while light colored objects easily reflect heat. This is why in summer we feel more comfortable wearing light colored clothes than dark colored ones, dark colored wet clothes dry faster in the sun than light colored clothes.
Heat sensor-

Mosquitoes do not see very well in the dark, but they can detect very small amounts of heat and infra-red ray with the advanced heat sensor sensors in their bodies. This is why they can easily find all warm-blooded animals, including you, in the dark. Since black objects absorb more heat, mosquitoes are more attracted to black objects with their heat-sensitive sensors, because there is more heat.
Mosquitoes are equipped with such sensors, the ability to catch nature’s high-tech prey, and sophisticated warplanes. But the hope is that you can easily confuse these sensors and get rid of them if you want. This is how mosquito repellent oils or lotions work.
There are two main reasons for the decline in the organic richness of Facebook posts.

First, thousands of posts are published on Facebook every day. With so much content, your post is a bit competitive in gaining visibility in your fans’ newsfeeds.

Second, Facebook only shows its users content that is relevant to them.
How to deal with declining organic rich:

    1. A marketer should never post content without a goal. Keep in mind, the goal is not just to post content, but to set the goal so that it can get the most out of the customer conversation. Publishing each post on a brand page targeting a specific audience creates an interaction with that specific audience. Helps to display the post to other interested and related audiences.
    2. Remind your fans that there is a list of their liked pages on the left side of their newsfeed. From where they can see your content by clicking on your page.
    3. Let the regular fans know if they want to know the activities of your page through notification. They will be able to update the settings as they wish.
    4. Encourage fans to like, comment and engage in your posts, so that they can see more posts on your page in the newsfeed. It may be that you can add this line at the end of your post (Please like and share).
    5. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. It is possible to increase traffic by attracting the attention of your customers. Thus by investing time, budget and importance it is possible to increase the organic rich as well as the additional rich.
    6. Consider Facebook as a paid ad platform. Determine your target market and users if you want to spend money on rich growth. When determining the target user, look at your ad content, blogs, e-books, etc. Then you post ads for targeted users.
    7. Pay attention to targeted city, gender, age and audience interest before planning a paid advertisement.
    8. Upload more photos and videos than links. You can add a link to the caption of the picture and video.
    9. Try to come to Facebook Live every 3-6 days. Before you go live, let us know what time you will be live.
    10. Try to post on the page when you have more fans online. In the case of Bangladesh, such time is at night.

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