Addition Of Ecology To The Curriculum

At present, environmental awareness is going to be an essential part of education. Along with different countries, our country has also included Ecology in the school-college-university curriculum. In the coming days, the need for teaching environmental sciences is being realized from the very beginning.

We also know that human beings are the only ones responsible for disturbing the natural balance. Millions of animals and plants live in this world. Man is one of them. Again, civilized people are an exception. Humans are the only species that live a civilized life isolated from nature. That’s where the problem lies. Human civilization has given birth to agriculture, industry, cities and so on. Nature is losing its balance as the human population exceeds the total number of other species. Humans have become a cause of crisis to other species. As a result, many species of animals and plants have become extinct and are happening from this beautiful world.
Initially people benefited from it but now people are calling for a crisis. No matter how civilized man is, no matter how much science develops, he completely disregards nature that man cannot live, civilization cannot survive, even though it is late, people are able to realize it today. Extensive efforts to make everyone aware of.

Needless to say, the role of plants in protecting the environment is paramount. In the world of life, the plant that provides food or energy can make its own food, no other animal can make its own food. Through the process of photosynthesis using solar energy, plants prepare basic nutrients called carbohydrates or glucose. It then gradually transforms from one class to another to provide energy. Every animal is directly or indirectly dependent on plants for energy, whether it is carnivorous or vegetarian. So plants are producers and all other animals are eater. In a word, life in this world without plants is unimaginable.

The role of plants in protecting the environment is immense. Plants help maintain the balance of different gases in the air. When the level of carbon-di-oxide in the air is too high, the temperature rises because that gas absorbs heat. This is why it is now known as the greenhouse effect. The plant helps reduce the level of the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon-di-oxide from the air. Adding oxygen to the air on the other hand helps maintain the ratio of different gases in the atmosphere. In this way the plant keeps the air clean by reducing air pollution.

The plant helps to cause rainfall. In the absence of vegetation, fertile productive soils gradually turn into deserts. Rainfall is needed to maintain soil fertility. Plants necessary to cause rainfall.

The role of plants in preventing soil erosion is immense. The role protects against erosion by mitigating the extreme speed and force of rain. The roots of the plant cling to the soil and prevent its erosion.

Plants are essential for the protection of biodiversity. Plants provide food and shelter for many species of animals. People get food, medicine, fuel, house building, etc. from plants, moreover, plants enhance the beauty of the environment and also create joy in people’s minds. Plants play the most helpful role in improving both physical and mental health of human beings by reducing environmental pollution and enhancing environmental beauty.
The immense importance of plants has been realized not only in modern times but also since ancient times. In ancient times nature was worshiped or trees were worshiped by a class of people. The abodes of many pir-fakirs have also been built under the trees.

We are responsible for the environmental crisis we are currently suffering from. So everyone has something to do to get out of this crisis. As a result of urbanization, industrialization, modernization of agriculture, etc., the environmental crisis is increasing. But it is not possible to stop or reduce the pace of industrialization and urbanization at all. So we need to try to strike a balance between development and conservation. In this case, the plant can play the most important and effective role. Everyone can contribute something to the conservation and growth of plants. I just want a change in people’s attitudes and attitudes, I want environmental awareness.

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about planting trees officially. Plants are planted through government departments and various programs. Environment Day is celebrated. But in most cases it is limited to mere formality. In fact, it does not benefit the environment. Tree seedlings planted in one season are not able to meet the next season. Can the saplings of a tree planted by the hands of a famous person whose feet do not fall to the ground turn into a tree? They come to the light of preaching by planting trees, but the trees they plant do not see the light of the next season. I want real love for the tree to plant.
Want environmental love. Want to change the mechanical mentality of modern people. Our concern about the environment should not be limited to classrooms, seminars, meeting committees and speeches, it needs a real reflection.

Although it is beyond the capacity of the common man to prevent the environmental crisis, it is possible to reduce it to a much lower level. Not only can plants completely prevent environmental pollution, but they can also reduce it a lot, there is no doubt about it. This work is within the reach of the common man. It is possible to plant some amount of trees everywhere in houses, roads, government offices, schools and colleges.

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