The seasonal flower Gandharaja

Different names of Gandharaja flowers:
Gandharaj,Goolchanda, Bunga Chaina,Gardenia etc.

The importance of Gandharaja flowers:
Gandharaja flowers are very important as pujo flowers. These flowers have special needs in different pujas. The wonderful smell of this flower fascinates people. Its origin is China.

Naming of Gandharaja flower:
The history of naming Gandharaja flowers is long. Scottish-born American naturalist. It is named after the Alexander Garden.

Characteristics of Gandharaja:
It is a shrub,
It is a perennial tree.
The sweet and pungent aroma of the flowers is found.
Perfume is made from the extract of this flower.
Usually the flowers stay fresh for 6-7 days.
These flowers usually bloom at night.
Gandharaja tree blooms in summer.

Gandharaja flower color:
Gandharaja flowers are a lot like roses. Gandharaja is arranged in six to twelve petals. Its color is pale white. This Gandharaja flower is composed of innumerable petals. Pollen is located in the middle of it.

Gandharaja’s caste or class:
It has several species or classes. Such as- Lucy, what alone etc.
Uses:  Gandharaja flower tubs, backyards, verandas, etc. are decorated in places to enhance the beauty of the place.
Here is what you need to do to grow Gandharaja flowers in tubs:
Propagation system: Gandharaja flowers can be propagated in three types.
It is possible to propagate from seed.
It is possible to propagate by cutting.
Propagation can be done by grafting.

Moist soil is required for cultivation of Gandharaja tree. However, care should be taken so that the soil is not too wet and muddy. If the soil is damp for any reason, there is no need to water it for a few days. In addition, water should be given on a daily basis.

It is better to have a tub of 25 cm height for Gandharaja flower plant.

Fertilizer soil:
Gandharaja tree grows in any soil. However, Gandharaja trees are well cultivated in loamy and sandy soils. If you want to cultivate jaba in a tub, the first thing to do is to mix the amount of loam or sandy soil with cow dung manure and staramil. The soil in the tub will be good.

Dung manure, compost manure and liquid manure are good for this plant. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. And a certain amount of cancer, mustard shell, water, magnesium sulphate is used as liquid fertilizer.

Fertilizer delivery:
It is better to apply fertilizer by the month of February.
It is better to apply liquid fertilizer at intervals of 15-20 days during monsoon.

These flowers are from spring to monsoon. Care should be taken so that the tree does not get hot sun. Trees should be kept in light shade. And you have to give compressed manure or liquid manure as fertilizer. When watering Gandharaja tree, care should be taken so that water does not accumulate at the beginning. The soil should be plowed twice a month. If the soil is damp for any reason, the buds will fall off, the leaves will fall off.

Pulses pruning:
The process of making a fresh tree is to cut the tip when the tree is big. Then after a few days the branches will come out from the side of the stem, leaving a few branches in them and tearing off the rest. Then put soil at the base of the tree. If you want to keep a fresh tree, you have to have a straight branch and 4-5 side branches. If you want to get more flowers, break the top of the tree. It will be shaken trees. Pulses should be pruned once a year. Not only that. Hunting should be done once a year.

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