Small garden luxury, lovely ornamental

Baganbilas is an evergreen creeping plant. This plant grows very tall and flowers very easily in the veranda or roof garden. They can be seen all over the world, hanging on the main gate of the garden house or in the duplex villa or urban veranda.

Their flowers come when the light of day is low and the lips of night grow. Flowers usually bloom from winter to spring, but some species bloom throughout the year. Normally purple, lavender, carmine, scarlet, red, pink, orange, yellow and white. The petals are arranged in two types, single and double petal.

Baganbilash are mainly summer plants, preferring to live in warmer climates, but not in the late afternoon light. It is also very cold and hinders their growth. The ideal temperature for this is 30 degrees Celsius.

Baganbilas prefers direct sunlight, but does not like the scorching heat of summer. Garden luxury is a good bus to get 6-8 hours of light, but not the harsh afternoon sun.

Water or irrigation:
Not like very wet soil, excess water attacks the fungus at the roots of the tree and the tree dies. The soil needs to be sprayed with water and well drained. It is better to water it 2/3 days a week but if you water it every day, the tree may die.

Fertilizer application:
After flowering in March / April and in August / September apply nitrogen (small amount), phosphate (double amount of nitrogen) and compost fertilizer. According to a team of researchers from the University of Florida, more flowers come when it is dark for 15 hours.

E can be pruned all year round and it is best to keep the tree small on the roof or veranda. After pruning, the flowers come more because the new branches come. The ideal tree garden for bonsai.

Insect attack:
There are two types of attack on garden luxuries, needle insects or caterpillars and green flies. In case of insect attack, soapy water should be sprayed every 2/3 days as long as the insects do not go away. But if you see an insect, you will kill it.

It can be easily transplanted with root hormone. From April to June, cut thick stalks (4/6 inch) from the finger and apply it on the soil with root hormone and cover it with polythene. After 1.5 to 2 months, it should be planted in the tub, the cutting should always be selected from the branches at the base of the tree.


If the tree is replanted after 2 years, the tree will be good and the remaining 25% should be pruned leaving 75% roots. Of course short roots cannot be cut, the roots of a pencil-thick and long oyster must be cut.

Garden is a very beautiful tree in the luxury veranda or roof garden, beautiful flowers come easily, the tree needs water only if it needs water. After 2 months, you can cut the branches of the tree to give a beautiful shape. The beautiful shape of the tree can be easily given with stainless wire.

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