12 Things About The Human Brain

Hopefully, knowing these things will strengthen our thinking ability:

1. The human brain is a survival organ. Which has evolved over time. The human brain is much more advanced than all other animals on earth.
“To survive on earth, a strong brain is much more suitable than a strong body.”

2. Different types of exercises and meditation (dhyana or murakba) strengthen our brain.

3. Good sleep increases the thinking ability of our brain. Taking power naps in between work increases the productivity of the brain.

4. Depression, anxiety – these reduce the performance of our brain. Fighting, getting angry, getting excited, etc. weakens our brain.

5. Not all human brains are the same, each brain is differently wired. Every human being has different talents, creativity, understanding, thinking ability.

6. Brain structure of boys and girls is also different. Girls are more frustrated than boys and get nervous relatively quickly.

7. Nothing boring can attract our brain. Things that are related to our love, emotions, culture, etc., are the only things that attract our brain.

8. When we do many things at once, our brain gets tired quickly and cannot do any work properly. Therefore, focusing on a specific task without doing many tasks at once increases the productivity of the brain.
All our senses (seeing, hearing, speaking, feeling, etc.) work together. Therefore, when all the senses are used together while doing a task, the speed of that task is accelerated and the information related to that task is stored in our brain for a long time.

9. Our sense of seeing is much better than other senses. When it comes to remembering something, if we compare it with something visible, the brain remembers that thing for a very long time.

10. In order to permanently store something in the brain, it needs to be repeated. The things that we read or see or hear over and over again are permanently stored in our brain. So in order to do well in a subject, you need to practice it over and over again. When we practice a subject over and over again, our brain is ready to give the best output on that subject.

11. Rhythm or sound (such as the sound of reciting the Qur’an, the sound of the song, etc.) makes our brain more advanced.

12. Our brain is very useful and strong for thinking or learning new things. Our brains become stronger when we think about new things or think differently about something in general.

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