Marriage of Village Poet JasimUddin

Maulvi Idris Mia was detained by Jasimuddin all morning. Absolutely what is said to be pawned, just like that! First Maulvi Saheb will promise that Kabir will marry his granddaughter, then he will get free.

Idris Mia likes the poet and has decided in his mind that he will marry his granddaughter Mumtaz to the poet Jasimuddin. The mother and father of the daughter herself have been left out. The daughter of old Maulvi was then the master of Faridpur district high school. The daughter lives with her father-in-law. Mumtaz grew up there.
But Mohsinuddin, who is a son-in-law like Jasimuddin, has rejected it in one word.

He wrote a seven-page letter to his father-in-law: “Are you crazy! This guy (Jasim Uddin) is crazy. Wandering around. Singing songs. Songs of feeling, spiritual songs, Murshid songs. He cried all night in the song hall and rolled on the ground. Will you marry such a boy? Instead, he threw his granddaughter in the Padma. ”

Maulvi was shocked to receive this letter from his son-in-law and decided to start monitoring Jasim Uddin. Do your own verification of the allegations.

Jasimuddin was then a lecturer in Bengali at Dhaka University. Lives in a yellow one-storey house north of Dhaka College in New Market area. The boy got up very early in the morning and started traveling in the area.

One day Jasim Uddin saw him. He called her home, took tea and breakfast and took care of her.
Then he said, “I have to talk about whether my granddaughter will marry me or not. Otherwise, Aizaka will not let you go. ” In the end, the old Maulvi was ‘liberated’ from the hands of the poet by talking about marriage.

Mumtaz’s age difference with Jasimuddin is twenty years. This is also one of the reasons for the objection of the parents. But Jasimuddin is that stubborn!
He will marry Mumtaz, his bet-breaking bet. Only Mumtaz in the line of his eyes, in the writing of his chest.💕

The girl was then in class nine. Nana lives with Nani. Shafiullah Saheb, a lecturer in the economics department of Dhaka University, said to Nana Maulvi Idris Mia, “I will bring a talented man to your house tomorrow, if you allow me. The gentleman is a poet. ”
Mr. Idris is very happy to hear the guest poet. He himself wrote that poem!

Jasimuddin came. There are many stories. Eating and drinking hall. I liked this simple, poetic old man. Fifteen or sixteen days later he came again. Sitting in her room, Mumtaz was tidying up the books scattered on the table.

“At that time I saw a gentleman crossing the verandah in front of this house looking at me. I also wanted it, ”Mumtaz said in her memoirs.
Twenty-five days later, the fascinated poet came again in the form of Mumtaz. This time he went straight into the girl’s study.

He sat down in his chair and pulled out a notebook and said, “Girl, will you give me this notebook, can I write you a poem?”

Mumtaz shook her head and said ‘yes’. The poet wrote poems on one page and songs on another page. The poem was:
“Forgive me / beautiful incomparable / in your quiet secluded home / maybe in your play room / submit to crime / forgive me.”

Mumtaz, a ninth grader, didn’t even know then that Jasim Uddin himself was sitting in front of her, writing the poem ‘Rakhalchele’, which is very dear to her, in their Bengali textbook!

“After seeing me, the gentleman went to shake hands with my grandparents from different directions. He started recommending me through many people. The one who saw me, my face became calm in his mind. He is a poet!” In an interview, Begum Mumtaz Jasim Uddin alias Manimala said that many incidents started happening inside Manimala.

The poet came another day. He has been requesting Mumtaz to sing for fifteen to twenty minutes. But the girl will not sing at all. In the end, the girl sang her grandmother’s loud rebuke, her favorite song – “Go to the flower forest in the night.” Surprisingly, the girl did not know the author of this song Jasimuddin! She was embarrassed when she found out. One sister was informed. Said, “Your grandfather wants to fix your marriage with the poet. Do you agree? ”

“I pretended to be a boy, I have a mind. Then I ran and ran away in front of my sister.… At that time I did not think that a tall black man, again a poet, was going to marry me. I didn’t think there was any obstacle. The thing I liked the most was that when he was talking, his teeth were fastened with two gold teeth in front of him. I looked at him again and again to see the gold teeth, “said Mumtaz.

The marriage took place very soon. Sky blue Benarsi, Sherwani, hat, turban were bought from Calcutta. Seven or eight horse-drawn carriages, decorated with flowers of various colors. Those cars toured the entire city of Narayanganj.

Rabindranath sent greetings. Abanindranath Tagore sent a beautiful letter and a hand-painted picture, two pigeons perched on a branch. Dinesh Chandra Sen wrote a three-page letter containing various advices about life. About a thousand guests came to this wedding. Mumtaz’s father and mother just did not come!

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