Why Do We Not Feel The Motion Of The Earth?

The earth revolves around its own axis once every 24 hours. As a result, those in the equatorial region are orbiting the earth at a rate of 1600 kilometers per hour. Moreover, the earth revolves around the sun at a speed of 110,000 kilometers per hour. Again, the sun with its planets orbiting the galaxy at a speed of 8 lakh 28 thousand kilometers per hour. We can’t feel this speed even after running at such a huge speed. But we can also understand by traveling at a trivial speed compared to it by bus or train or other vehicles. There is a lot of stress on our body. But why?

When a bus or train is moving, it does not move at a balanced speed in most cases. That is, its velocity changes over time. For example: a bus now travels at maybe 60 km / h, then it travels at 70 km / h. Then we can understand the change in its velocity. The rate of change of velocity over time is called acceleration. We can’t feel the speed. We can feel the rate of change of velocity i.e. acceleration. If the velocity does not change then no matter how much the velocity is, it will not be felt and it will not have any effect on our body. Man-made all-moving objects move more or less at unequal speeds, meaning that there is always some acceleration. Again, even if the value of velocity is fairly balanced, its direction changes. All of us who have read the very basic discussions of physics in school know that acceleration occurs when the value or direction of velocity or both changes. So even if the value of velocity is balanced and the direction changes, we can still feel that speed. Every man-made vehicle changes direction more or less. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. But if the value and direction of velocity are constant then we will not feel it. For example, ships often move at a steady speed in the still sea. So the moving ship lying in the cabin of the ship will feel stable to us.

On the other hand, all the motions of the earth itself are very balanced, so their motions cannot be felt. Even then, if the various objects around us on earth were moving at different speeds, we would still be able to understand the velocity, due to the change in position of one relative to the other. But everything on the earth’s surface is moving at the same speed as the earth. So there is no way to understand the speed of the earth. By now you may be thinking that no motion of the earth is linear and almost all kinds of motion are rotational. Since the direction of the rotating earth’s velocity is constantly changing, then it is possible to feel it. In this case, the earth’s motions are rotational, but their curvature is very low. The larger a circle, the less its curvature. This curvature of the earth relative to man can be taken as a straight line. In that case, the effect of acceleration on us will not be felt.

The previous people were confused because they could not feel the motion of the earth. People think that the earth is stationary and seeing the change of position of different objects in its sky, they think that the earth is the center of the universe and other objects revolve around the earth. That belief began to be shattered only four centuries ago, with the introduction of telescope observations of the sky. The greatest contribution of the scientist Galileo.

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