Dhirendranath Dutta is the main artist of “Rashtrabhasha Bangla Chai”

The most important craftsman of the quote is Dhirendranath Dutta. Because in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 25 February 1948, he demanded that all the minutes of the session be kept in English as well as Urdu as well as in Bengali. He said that East Pakistan has a large population of Pakistanis and they are Bengalis, so Bengali must be used for all the functions of East Pakistan and should be recognized as one of the state languages ​​of Pakistan. But Liaquat Ali Khan rejected this claim on the basis of communal statements.

The state language Bengali was established through this demand. This contribution of his will be remembered by the Bengali nation forever. His colorful life is briefly discussed. Dhirendranath Dutt was born on this day in 1886 AD in an aristocratic Kayastha family in the village of Ramrail in the Brahmanbaria district of the then Tripura district (now Bangladesh) in the province of Bengal. His father Jagbandhu Dutt was the Serestadar of Kasba and Nabinagar Munsef Courts. Dhirendranath studied at Nabinagar High School, Comilla College, and Surendranath College, Calcutta.

In the 1946 elections, he was elected a member of the Bengal Executive Council on a Congress ticket. He was elected a member of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly from East Bengal in December of that year to draft the constitution of Pakistan. In June 1954, at a session of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly, he moved a motion to cut the governorship in East Pakistan. He was the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of East Pakistan in the cabinet of Ataur Rahman Khan from 19 September 1956 to 7 October 1958.

After the imposition of martial law in Pakistan, the Elective Bodies Disqualification Order was imposed on Dhirendranath Dutt in 1960. He was placed under house arrest during the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 and was forced to refrain from participating in active politics. On the night of March 29, 1971, Dhirendranath Dutt along with his son Dilip Kumar Dutt were arrested and taken to Mainamati cantonment and killed. In his memory, the road in front of his residence in Comilla has been named ‘Dhirendranath Dutta Road’.

Martyr Dhirendranath Dutt is not here today. But his ideals, thoughts and ideas have not yet disappeared from the soil and minds of the people of this country. People’s Representative Dhirendranath Dutt did not leave the country knowing that he had a sense of responsibility towards the land and people of this country. The country and the people of the country have repaid the debt of love. It is like the great tragedy of becoming a secretary by paying the inevitable responsibility through the death of Ibrahim Kardi, the protagonist of the famous playwright Munir Chowdhury’s ‘Bloody Desert’.
In 1997, he was awarded the “Freedom Award in the Language and Freedom Movement” as the country’s “highest civilian award” for his outstanding contribution to the establishment of the status of the Bengali language and the country’s freedom struggle.

This happy man was able to play his proper role from the beginning of the language movement to the liberation war. With his religion, he has considered Surah Fatiha of the Holy Qur’an as his path.

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