What is a fatal stroke, its type, symptoms and causes?

The weather is hot for several days. Stroke is more likely this summer.
It is good for us to know what is the remedy for this.

What is a stroke?
Stroke is a condition that is caused by a change in blood flow inside the brain. Normal blood flow is disrupted (oxygen and sugar levels are reduced) or high blood pressure causes the blood vessels to rupture and the blood clots in the brain, causing the brain to lose pressure and lose its normal capacity. As a result, there are various signs and symptoms including numbness of the face, not being able to move the limbs, not being able to speak or being in pain, fainting. This condition is called stroke in the language of medical science.

Types of strokes:
In general, we can divide stroke into two ways
1) Ischemic stroke
2) Hemorrhagic stroke
There is also another type of stroke known as minor stroke or TIA

Signs and symptoms of stroke:
1) The face becomes dull
2) Weakness or numbness of the hand and / or leg
3) Having difficulty speaking or vague words
As soon as you see the above three symptoms together, you will understand that the patient has had a stroke, so it is better to take him to a hospital with a neurology department. Especially good to take anywhere with HDU unit or support. However, if you do not have to make such an arrangement in a hurry, take him to the nearest hospital.
In addition to the above symptoms, the following symptoms and symptoms may occur
4) Headache
5) Less visible or blurred vision in the eyes
6) Not being able to maintain balance in the body

Causes of stroke:
01) High blood pressure
02) Excess fat or cholesterol in the blood
03) Diabetes
04) Smoking
05) Obesity or excess body weight
06) Alcohol
08) If someone else in the family has a history of stroke
06) Excessive worries
09) Lack of sleep
10) Reduce physical activity or do not exercise

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