Shah Rukh Khan came to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. Earlier, he had run a restaurant business in Delhi for some time. But he had no place to stay in Mumbai then. At that time he stayed with actor Vivek Bhasani for some time. This magician has won the bet of life by making a great combination of hard work, talent and self-confidence. Now he is King Khan of Bollywood. Starting from the first film ‘Diwana’, this ‘King of Romance’ has been driving millions of fans crazy for 25 long years. Shah Rukh Khan, who owns more than 600 million, is currently the world’s richest actor.

Shah Rukh Khan was born on November 2, 1965 in Delhi. His father was Taj Mohammad Khan, an Indian freedom fighter of Pathan Muslim descent. Mother Latif Fatima was the daughter of Iftekhar Ahmed, a government engineer. Taj Mohammad Khan and Latif Fatima were married in 1955. Shah Rukh Khan’s father moved to Delhi from Kissa Kahani Bazaar in Peshawar, present-day Pakistan, before the partition of India. His mother’s home was in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. After being born at Talwar Nursing Home in Delhi, one of the nurses said, “The baby will grow up and become very famous.”

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has been awarded an honorary doctorate for his exemplary contribution to human welfare and global appeal as an actor. The famous University of Edinburgh in Scotland has awarded a doctorate. Shah Rukh received the award from Princess Elizabeth. Shah Rukh Khan also received an honorary doctorate from Georgetown University, Bedfordshire. But Shah Rukh could not finish it even after getting admission in Masters. At the end of Honors, he was admitted to the Mass Communication Research Center to study for a Masters. He started studying film and journalism. But at the end of the first year, due to monomalignment with the vice principal, the masters course was stopped midway. He was earlier admitted to Hansraj College under Delhi University after doing well in school. From there Shah Rukh passed Honors in Economics. During this time he became quite proficient in cricket, football and hockey. But I had to stop playing because of back pain and arthritis.

He himself may not be able to say the exact number of Shah Rukh Khan’s awards. Wherever you put your hand, there is gold. He has won numerous national and international honors in his life. A total of 36 times in his career, Shah Rukh has been nominated for national and international awards. Of which Shah Rukh has won one or the other award 284 times. At the national level, IIFA, Rajiv Gandhi, Best Indian Citizen etc. were awarded honorary awards. In 2005, he received the most prestigious award, the fourth highest civilian award in India, the Padma Shri. There are also a maximum of 14 Filmfare Awards. In addition, Star, G Cine, Guild, IIFA, Stardust, etc. have won a record number of awards. International awards include France’s highest civilian honor, the Legion of Honor, Morocco’s L’Etoile d’Or. Gained Fellowship from Yale University. South Korea’s ‘goodwill ambassador’ is the only Indian hero.

In 1988, Shah Rukh Khan was contracted to work on a TV series called ‘Dil Dariya’ for the first time in his life. But there was a delay in starting work. Later, in 1979, he started his acting career in the TV serial ‘Fauji’. In this play, he played the role of an army cadet named ‘Abhimanyu Roy’. He later worked on another series called ‘Circus’. Even though he was offered to work in cinema, he still did not consider himself suitable. Shortly after the circus, he co-starred in another series called ‘Hope’. He started his journey on the big screen with the film Diwana (1992). Divya Bharati was opposite him. The film was a commercial success and he was able to make his mark in Bollywood.

In the same year he starred in some more films such as the excellent, controversial art film Maya Memsaheb. In 1993, Shah Rukh Khan became a star by playing the role of Khalchar in the film Baazigar and Dor. The horror film was a huge success. He won the first Filmfare Best Actor Award of his career for Baazigar. 1995 was a year for Shah Rukh Khan, as well as a year of making new history in Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan-Kajal duo ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ was released. It breaks all previous records at the box office, all the credit goes to Shah Rukh Khan. The film has set a new record as the most circulated film in India. Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Sholay’ broke the record of 260 weeks. In the film, Shah Rukh Khan played the role of ‘Raj’ and Kajal played the role of ‘Simran’. The film hit the box office soon after its release.

On the one hand, it took the box office by storm, on the other hand, it garnered critical acclaim. The film grossed বিশ্ব 19 million (Rs 122 crore) worldwide and is still the highest grossing film in history. The movie ran for 1000 consecutive weeks at the cinema hall called ‘Maratha Mandir’. It is said that this film directed by Aditya Chopra actually established Shah Rukh Khan as a ‘romantic hero’. The film won a total of ten Filmfare Awards, marking the film’s 20th anniversary in 2015. It is this film that made Shah Rukh Khan known as the ‘King of Romance’. Following the huge success of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, this ‘King of Romance’ continues to gift each other all the films of the romantic genre that shakes the box office. These films include Dil To Pagal Hai (1997), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Mohabbate (2000), Kavi Khushi Kavi Gham (2001), Kal Ho Na Ho (2003) and Veer-Zara (2004), Devdas ( 2002) etc.

After getting the first movie of ‘Dawn’ series, Shah Rukh Khan got the title of ‘Bollywood King’. Although he is known as a romantic hero, the characters played by Shah Rukh Khan show a wonderful combination of different characters. A ruthless Shah Rukh Khan can be seen in fear or magic. On the other hand, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge is a wonderful romantic young man. Again we see the story of a failed lover in Kal Ho Na Ho or Devdas. But even as an action hero, Shah Rukh has taken himself to unique heights. Action hero Shah Rukh Khan is seen in movies like Dawn series, Jab Tak Hein Jaan, Shakti-The Power, Main Hoon Na.
He portrays it on the screen with so many different characters but with extraordinary craftsmanship. This is possible only by Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is currently one of the most popular Bollywood personalities in the world. The films Hey Ram, Devdas and Paheli starring Shahrukh Khan were sent to the Oscars from India. The famous Madame Tussauds Museum in London has a statue of Shah Rukh Khan. The Shah Rukh-Kajal duo is considered as one of the best duo in Bollywood. In his 25 years of colorful acting, Shah Rukh Khan has established himself as one of the best and most popular actors in India. In terms of wealth, Shah Rukh Khan is no less than a true king.

Shah Rukh Khan was ranked second in the list of the richest actors in the world conducted by the survey company Wealth X in 2014. And this year he is in the third position. In this list, King Khan Shah Rukh has retained his position behind all the actors in the world including Hollywood and Bollywood. He owns assets worth more than 600 million. And he did not earn this money just by acting. Apart from acting, Shah Rukh earns money in 9 other ways. From protagonist to producer, then distributor. Shah Rukh, the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, an Indian Premier League team. Billions of rupees worth of business through King Khan’s KKR. Producers are currently more involved in promoting the film than making it. So Shah Rukh is earning a lot of money from here. Shah Rukh Khan has discovered a new source of income by adopting a fancy strategy to promote the film ‘Happy New Year’. The film stars Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Boman Iranians around the world in ‘Slam! Shah Rukh Khan organized a concert called ‘The Tour’. Shah Rukh earned more than Rs 7 crore from each concert in the big cities of the world.

And Shah Rukh Khan is the sole king in the advertising market. It is increasing day by day. He alone owns six percent of the television commercials. Shah Rukh Khan is a model for many more products like Nokia, Pepsi, Tag Heuer, Hyundai, Dis TV, Daycar, Nerolock, Lux. Her annual income from TV advertising is about one and a half million dollars every year. Shah Rukh Khan is the highest brand value star in India.

Shah Rukh Khan also earns a lot from the sale of satellite rights. He sold satellite rights to his films at exorbitant prices. He sold the rights to blockbuster hits like ‘Chennai Express’ to Zee Cinema for Rs 68 crore. The condition was that if the film earned more than Rs 100 crore, then more money would have to be paid to G-Cinema. This was the first time in the history of Hindi cinema that satellite rights were sold on such a condition. Shah Rukh Khan is one of the initiators of this tradition.

Shah Rukh Khan is seen using fancy business tactics. Every time a movie is released, Shah Rukh continues to speed up his business with new techniques. After the release of ‘Chennai Express’, he announced to buy one ticket for free in Delhi if he buys two tickets. On the other hand, he made a huge profit by increasing the price per ticket by only ten percent. Shah Rukh has also invested heavily in Imagination Entertainment India, an Indian partner in an indoor chain theme park for kids around the world called Kidgenia. She has a reputation as a wedding dancer. Shah Rukh Khan dances in marriage for a high salary.

And he takes 15 thousand dollars just for his presence at the wedding. And he signed a contract for a whole dance for eight crore rupees. In many interviews, Shah Rukh has said that he enjoys his monopoly on dancing at the wedding house. Because, Salman Khan has a ban on dancing due to his physical condition. Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan never dance in marriage. So from this side Shah Rukh Khan is his own rival. In 2012, Shah Rukh Khan earned Rs 60 crore a year from this sector alone.

The real hero is the one who comes first in the danger of the people. Bollywood stars live star-like lives. Ordinary people do not even get a chance to roam around them. And from this side Shah Rukh Khan is really a hero. He donated his earned money with both hands. There is no example of anyone coming to him in danger and returning empty-handed. Shah Rukh Khan stood by Chennai during this time of crisis with a donation of Rs 1 crore to help the flood-affected people. A few days ago, Chennai was inundated with stagnant water after a month of continuous rains. Due to heavy rains, all types of vehicles including the airport were closed. The floods killed 280 people. After such a natural calamity in Chennai, Shah Rukh Khan came and stood by the helpless people of Chennai with all classes of people from all over India. This Bollywood king has deposited one crore rupees in the fund of the relief minister. This is not new for Shah Rukh Khan, this superstar stands by the helpless people in any disaster in the country.

Shah Rukh Khan, who is very popular along with a lot of money, said, ‘Life is not really limited to a number of achievements, successes, qualifications and awards. Know life, dream; If you fail, turn around. Learn to value what you have. Do not listen to people and do not forget failure. Although cruel, he is a real friend. ‘

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