Snake Plant, An Ideal Indoor Plant

The name of the tree is Snake Plant! However, this tree does not spread poison at all, but absorbs a lot of toxic gases from the indoor air. The snake plant is at the top of the list of indoor air purifiers. This tree survives in the climate of our country. It does not require much care. Due to its endurance, this tree can easily adapt to different environments.

Introduction to Snake Plant Trees
In the plant world, the snake plant belongs to the family Asparagacea, a perennial tree, scientifically named Sansevieria. The tree is native to equatorial West Africa. From there the tree has now spread worldwide. The mature leaves of this tree are shaped like the hood of a snake. Hence the name Snake Plant, although in some countries it is also called mother-in-law’s tongue.

Snake plant flowering tree. There are about 70 varieties of this tree in the world. Among them Sansevieria trifasciata is extremely popular. Depending on the variety, snake plant trees can grow from 6 inches to 12 feet tall. This tree sometimes blooms in spring. The flowers are small, greenish white in color. The fragrant flowers are arranged on a stem.

Beautiful leaves are the main attraction of the snake plant. The leaves are usually oblong. The color is dark green. It has a light green, white, gray design on it. From the base of the tree, the leaves of the snake plant grow much steeper. With a little care, the tree grows and the bunches of leaves become thick. Several species of snake plants have yellowish or silvery borders around the leaves.

Benefits of Snake Plant
Snake plants can be planted to decorate the garden. Moreover, this tree can be kept inside the house with the help of tub. Snake plants do not require much care. Not only enhancing the beauty, this tree has many more benefits. This plant is very effective in removing the vapors of various toxic compounds that accumulate in the indoor air, such as:
• Formaldehyde,
• Benzene,
• Toluene,
• Xylene, etc.

Snake plant trees also absorb carbon dioxide at night. Very few trees in the world have this quality. These properties of the snake plant have been repeatedly proven in scientific experiments.

Snake plant tubs can be kept in the living room, bedroom and kitchen of the house for air purification. It is also good to have a few snake plants in the bathroom. In addition, these trees should be kept in large numbers in office rooms, showrooms, factory premises, hospitals, etc. In particular, rooms that do not have good ventilation, or that have air conditioning, must have a snake plant (or any other good air purifier indoor plant).

Reproduction of snake plants
Snake plants reproduce with the help of rhizomes. New saplings emerge from the base of the mature tree. If such a seedling is at least 4 to 6 inches big, it should be cut off from the main tree with a knife along with the roots. Then the seedlings can be planted in tubs or garden soil to get new trees. When changing the soil in the tub, the seedlings of the snake plant can be cut in this way with a knife and planted separately. Snake plant seedlings can also be easily made from leaf cuttings.

Snake plant care
Snake plants kept indoors in tubs do not require much care. But there are a few things to keep in mind.
★ Snake plants need soil like cactus or succulent trees. That is, the plant will do well in fertile loam or sandy loam soils with good drainage.
★ If you want to keep snake plant trees in the tub, some organic fertilizer can be added while preparing the soil. Then a small amount of organic manure should be applied to the soil of the tub every four to six months. Moreover, the tub and soil of the snake plant should be changed every year.
★ Watering is an important part of snake plant care. Excessive watering does much more damage to dry soil than it does to plants. So snake plant trees should always be given moderate watering. As if water does not accumulate at the base of the tree in any way.
★ If there is chlorine or fluorine in the tap water, it is better not to give that water to the snake plant. If water from such a tap is to be given to a snake plant, it should be kept in a bucket for at least one day and given from the top.
★ In both direct and indirect sunlight, snake plant trees can adapt beautifully. However, the intense afternoon sun, especially in hot weather, may not be good for this tree. If you keep a snake plant in a tub inside the house, it would be better to feed it at least a few hours of indirect sunlight and a little soft sunlight in the morning.
★ Insect infestation of snake plant trees is very rare. However, it is better to take some precautions. First of all, when collecting tree saplings, it should be seen that it is healthy, strong and disease free. Then we have to see so that the tree gets a suitable environment to grow with joy in mind. When the environment is like the mind, any tree has its own immunity.
★ If extra water is given, there is a strong possibility of root rot disease in snake plant trees. Once this disease is caught, it is difficult to save the tree. The way to avoid this disease is to never give extra water to the snake plant tree and never allow water to accumulate at the base of the tree.
★ When the dust accumulates, the leaves of the snake plant tree look dirty. So sometimes the leaves can be washed by spraying water with a sprayer. This will make the leaves of the snake plant shine.
★ There are many Bengali, Hindi and English videos on YouTube about snake plant care. These videos can be used as needed. Of course, not all YouTube videos are equally reliable. So you have to apply your own experience and judgment in taking care of the snake plant.

One thing to keep in mind when keeping a snake plant at home. Eating the leaves of this tree can cause discomfort in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. For this reason, if there are small children and pets in the house, it is better to keep the tub of the snake plant out of their reach.

The snake plant is an excellent indoor tree
Snake plant trees can be collected from any good nursery. This tree can also be brought by ordering online. Not only in the home garden, but inside any house, with the help of tubs, snake plant trees can be kept with little care. If this tree is kept in the house, as the decoration of the house increases, the air of the house also stays pure. In other words, keeping this beneficial tree at home means our double benefit.

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