The Infinite Beauty of Flowers

Who doesn’t love the beauty of flowers? There are flowers in the garden. Yet the mind wants a bunch of fresh flowers to spread the living obsession inside. But if the flower garland falls off before the day is over, what exactly is the mood? If it is seen the day after buying flowers, the flowers have fallen, but the way? There are some simple strategies. The flowers will stay alive and fresh for many days.

Choose flowers by sight

If you want to cut flowers from your garden and put them in an indoor vase, pick flowers with long stalks very early in the morning before sunrise. Don’t forget to water the tree the night before you pick the flowers. Before placing the flowers in the vase, cut the flower stalks horizontally at a 45 degree angle and immerse the flower stalks in a few inches of clean water in the bucket for a while.
If you buy flowers from the market, you must choose fresh flowers. How to recognize fresh flowers? If the green stalks at the base of the flower seem to be fresh and firmly attached to the flower, then buy those flowers. There are more than half-blossom buds in a bouquet of flowers, buy a bouquet. It will have the beauty of flowers for many days.

It is best to have a bucket, jar or just a bottle of water with you when buying. Immediately after the purchase, dip the flower stalk in the water and return home. Remove a few petals that have wrinkled or faded on the outside of the flower.

Trim the leaves that will drown in the water in the vase. Remove the dried petals. For two days in a row, cut the flower stalks at an angle of 45 degrees from the lower part of the stem, but the flowers will stay fresh for a long time. Decorate the vase flowers in the morning or afternoon, when the weather is cold. Pots should be selected according to the amount of flowers. Just as putting more flowers in a small vase will cause it to dry out quickly due to lack of water, it is also inappropriate to choose a large vase for a few flowers.

Fresh flowers need clean water first. If possible, change the water in the vase twice a day. If not at least once. If the same water is kept for a long time, bacteria grows. As a result, bacteria do not get a chance to grow by changing the water.

If it is not watered for a long time after tearing from the tree, it will wither or dry out. In addition, the natural beauty of the flower is destroyed by the fall of dust. For that, spray on the flowers every night. The flowers will be fresh. However, do not sprinkle excessive water on the flowers. There is a risk of rotting flower petals.
Interestingly, hair spray is very effective to keep the flowers fresh! Spray ‘hair spray’ from a foot of the vase on the underside of the leaves and petals.

Mix mouthwash in vase water as required. And see if the flowers you bring are going to stay fresh for a week. The flower buds will also start to bloom one after the other.

Bleaching powder
Bleaching powder does not allow bacteria to grow in flower water. Mix one teaspoon of bleaching powder in one poya or 250 ml vase of water. Mix the same amount of bleaching powder after changing the water every day. The flowers will stay fresh for a long time.

Aspirin Tablet
Mix an aspirin tablet well in the water in which you place the flowers. Aspirin tablets act as acid neutralizers for flowers and help flowers absorb water easily. Thus, after each change of water, give one tablet at a time. In this way the flowers will stay fresh for about 5 days.

Sugar acts as a fertilizer for flowers. Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar well in the vase water. Rose buds bloom very nicely in water mixed with sugar. Roses stay good for 5/6 days if taken care of in this way. However, do not forget to change the water every day by mixing sugar. Mix one teaspoon of glucose in water and then dip the flower and it will stay fresh for many days.

There is no comparison to vinegar to destroy bacteria. Adding vinegar to the water in the vase kills the bacteria that destroy the flowers, so the flowers stay fresh for a long time. You can mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar in vase water.

Baking soda
Pairs of soda match to keep the flowers fresh and fresh for a long time. Not only this, with the help of soda you can do wonders. For this, mix one teaspoon of soda in the vase. Add a small amount of sugar.

Location selection
Keep the vase in a cool place in the house, avoiding direct sunlight. Placing flowers in a place with strong winds or in a warmer place dries them out quickly. Never place flowers near vegetables or ripe fruits. Ethylene gas emitted from ripe fruits will cause the flowers to dry quickly. If you want, you can keep all the flowers in the fridge at night. If you put it back in the vase the next morning, it will increase the life span of the flower.

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