Trees Enhance The Beauty of The House

We are all comfortable people. But a new day means to be busy. At the end of the day in this concrete city, after all the work, I can only breathe a sigh of relief in my own home. And if the house has a soothing and enchanting environment surrounded by greenery. Then the comfort zone doubles. Many may have a hobby of gardening but it may not be done in a mechanical city like Dhaka city. So you can make your own garden at home. In addition to arranging indoor plants in your home, you can free your indoor environment from harmful gases. And I’m going to share some ideas on what kind of indoor plants can be placed in any part of the house. Let’s talk about where a tree can be planted, from the living room to the kitchen.

By the window, in the air-conditioned room
Plants that can survive in an AC room should be used as indoor plants and ornamental plants. Terry, Silver Queen, Patabahar, Hydenjia, Panthapath, Chinese Palm, Pichutia Palm, Red Palm, Kachughas, Bamboo Leaf, Dracilla, Dracina, Golden Dracina, Teris, Cactus, Alpacia, Various Its species, Maniplant, Bonsai, Fortune Tree, Malpuchia, Lovelic, Erica Palm, Tulsi etc. You can arrange these trees in different places of the house according to your size and height.

In front of the door
Medium sized trees like fern, money plant, dracina, palm tree species etc. can be placed in front of the door or elevator of the house. In addition, a garland made of different types of flowers or leaves and bash hanging in front of the door will look beautiful.
Domestic plants in front of the door.

In the living room
A small tree can be placed in the corner of the living room. Such as: bud tree, foliage, anthurium, asparagus fern, foliage, dragon tree, orchid, spider plant, rubber plant, palm tree, philodendron, coffee plant etc.

In the bedroom
Relatively small trees can be kept in the bedroom orchids, ferns, cactus, bamboo trees, Dracinia etc.

In the kitchen
Different species of palm, leaf, basil can be kept in the kitchen. Cactus, bonsai, succulent on the small table.

In the bathroom
Golden Pathos, Neon Pathos, Spider Plant, English Evi, Bromeliads, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Chinese Evergreen can be used as indoor plants in the bathroom.

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