Some of the unknown properties of spices used in cooking

Everyone compares good cooking to art. The cook was happy too. All hardships are worthwhile. Every perfect step of mixing spices from the beginning to the end of cooking brings a delicious taste in cooking. There is no pair of spices to enhance the taste of food. They maintain nutritional balance, as well as being rich in medicinal properties.

Today let’s talk a little about the qualities of this spice:
The role of coriander is important for proper digestion of other plants and spices used in cooking. It helps in curing human digestive, respiratory and urinary complications and some skin diseases.

This spice, which is widely used to enhance the taste of curry and pulses, is also known for its aroma. In addition to its medicinal properties, it also plays an active role in preventing food spoilage due to bacterial attacks. Cumin plays an important role in increasing the function of the liver and pancreas, removing toxins accumulated in the body and maintaining the nutritional value of food.

This spice, which has a bitter, sour or rough and bitter taste, has been used as an herbal medicine for hundreds of years. It helps in preventing inflammation and putrefaction. Turmeric is an essential spice in almost all cuisines in the subcontinent. It acts as a stimulant in metabolism and chemical changes of various living elements in the body. Turmeric is important in reducing the intensity of various unwanted fatty ingredients used in cooking.

🌳Dried pepper🌳
It contains a lot of vitamins-A and C. If one eats dried chillies every day, his nostrils will be clean. There will be no infection in the intestines, urethra and lungs. Dried pepper is great for arthritis. Capsaicin in dried chillies reduces the pain of any type of muscle pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis.
If such a useful spice is not pure, then all the troubles of cooking are in vain. You can rest assured that you can keep the village market as a reliable company for your cooking.

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