What does Niche mean?

“Niche” is a very familiar word to those who are involved with digital marketing or have an idea about the term affiliate marketing.

In the language of marketing, when you promote a particular product commercially for a specific population, to meet a specific demand, it is called “niche marketing”.
And the product that you will work with or the specific type of that particular product is your niche.

Let’s look at the matter more simply through an example:
Suppose you do marketing promotion of soap in Bangladesh. You analyzed the data and saw that 95% of people use soap (assuming the other 5% do not, they may not be able to afford soap).
So this 95% does not mean 14 crore people.
Now out of these 140 million people, 80% use soap only to clean body dirt, 15% use it only to remove body odor, 10% use it only to enhance beauty and the remaining 5% use it for luxury or fancy. For (many highly rated foreign products).
Now you have decided that you will target those people who use soap to enhance their beauty. That means beauty soap.

That means you will only market to those 10% people. And this 10% is your “niche target market”.
And if you offer a product for this 10%, like Lux Beauty Soap, then this product is your “niche”.

Hope the subject is being understood.

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