🍀Many people know what domain is but don’t know what hosting is. If you bought a domain then you bought a name for your website. You need to keep your website on a PC that stays on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hosting companies offer the convenience of having your website on a PC that is always on. Hosting companies offer this service for a monthly or annual fee. Different companies provide hosting at different prices. If you want to take hosting in Bangladesh, you have to pay different prices to different companies. You have to buy and use a certain amount of space from their PC. And the place you will buy for your website is hosting. You can also put your website on your home PC if you want, but does your home PC run 24 hours 365 days? If you have a website on your PC, your visitors will not be able to see your website unless your computer is shut down or your internet connection is down. The PC on which you host your website must always be turned on. Your visitors will see your website as soon as the PC hosted by the site is turned on.

🍀All the hosting companies in the world, including the hosting companies in Bangladesh, sell different types of hosting. Such as: share hosting, VPS, dedicated server etc. You need to buy hosting space according to your needs.

🍀Many people who don’t know think that domain hosting is the same thing. Or if you buy one, you can get two. No, domain is one thing and hosting is another. You have to buy two ties with different money. But usually those who sell hosting also sell domains. You can buy 2 ties from the same provider if you want. If you want, you can also buy from a different company. However, I would say that if you buy the domain and hosting from the same company, it will benefit your maintenance.

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